City Launches ‘Explore New Bedford’

NEW BEDFORD – Whether you’re a longtime resident or a tourist looking for history, culture, and adventure, New Bedford has unique experiences and hidden gems around every corner.

“Explore New Bedford” is the message the City’s Office of Tourism and Marketing is sharing with the world after Mayor Jon Mitchell unveiled the office’s rebranding effort Tuesday night at the New Bedford Harbor Hotel on Union Street.

The “Explore New Bedford” campaign includes the development of a new website, the design of a new logo, and a new marketing campaign focused on locals’ favorite gems in the City.

The centerpiece of the effort is the new “Explore New Bedford” logo. Designed by New Bedford-based Medium Studio, the bold and captivating logo reflects the energy and vitality of the City. Medium Studio thoughtfully crafted the logo to appeal to a diverse range of people to reflect the City’s inclusive nature and its ability to offer something for everyone.

Going live on Friday, March 22, the new tourism website,, is a digital compass for people looking to explore New Bedford, providing easy navigation, detailed information, trip planners, and a visually appealing interface. It was designed by Patrick Gleavey of PSG Media with user experience as the No. 1 priority.

Lastly, the new marketing campaign features people from across Greater New Bedford showcasing their favorite local gems.

The rebranding effort featured input from internal and external stakeholders with Tourism and Marketing Director Asley Payne and Marketing Manager Amy DesRosiers holding meetings and focus groups with the arts and culture community. The valuable insights gathered from the sessions played a pivotal role in shaping the rebrand and making sure it authentically reflects the City and its stories.

“The City’s emergence from the pandemic was an occasion to reset the City’s tourism messaging,” Mayor Mitchell said. “This new campaign puts the City in a stronger position to capitalize on regional travel and show off the City’s progress in a more advantageous way.”

“This is a significant milestone. It reflects our commitment to showcasing the true spirit of New Bedford and inviting everyone, both visitors and residents, to explore the history, art and culture that make our City unique,” Payne said. “The goal of this project was to really capture the essence of the City’s unique identity. We want to provide a fresh, new experience that attracts visitors from near and far, while also encouraging residents to explore the gems they might not know are in their own backyard.”

About the City of New Bedford’s Office of Tourism and Marketing

The New Bedford Office of Tourism and Marketing, branded as Explore New Bedford, is responsible for promoting the City as an attractive place to live, work, and visit. Working closely with the local arts, culture, and small business communities, Explore New Bedford showcases the City’s unique assets and attracts both leisure and business travelers. Its goal is to celebrate the history and diverse stories that shape the City and highlight its growth and innovation. Through strategic programming and partnerships with key stakeholders, the office strives to enhance the visitor experience and improve the quality of life for residents, fostering a thriving, sustainable, and welcoming city for all.