City Reminds Residents of the Adopt-a-Tree Program

Trees are planted in the Spring and Fall

New Bedford, MA – With fall around the corner, the City of New Bedford would like to remind residents of our Adopt-a-Tree program. The Program, which kicked off in 2014 under Mayor Mitchell’s administration, invites residents to make a $150 contribution to the City of New Bedford which enables the Department of Public Infrastructure (DPI) to plant a tree on their street. The resident may select the species of their choice from a pre-approved list of tree types which DPI then plants per the resident’s direction.

In addition, under Mayor Jon Mitchell’s leadership, New Bedford has implemented a robust urban forestry program to build its tree population citywide and improve the urban environment. In 2022, during Mayor Mitchell’s State of the City Address, he announced the City’s 1,000 tree-planting initiative using federal relief funds. So far, the City has planted 780 trees under this initiative. In total, 4,554 trees have been planted since 2014.

“Trees provide numerous benefits: they provide natural shade and mitigate the ‘heat island’ effect, slow traffic speeds, add value to homes and businesses, absorb stormwater, and improve air quality,” said Mayor Mitchell. “They cultivate a healthier, vibrant, and resilient cityscape, which is why it’s so important that we continue to plant away.”

Any resident interested in the Adopt-A-Tree Program may contact DPI at (508) 979- 1550. The list can be found here: If residents are interested in picking out a street tree, the City purchases shade trees through Sylvan Nursery, Inc. Any selection is subject to approval by DPI.