New Position to Facilitate Innovation and Improvement

‘Chief of Innovation and Policy Development’ Will Drive
Technology and Policy Improvements for Better Municipal Services

NEW BEDFORD – The City of New Bedford is creating a new position that will drive innovation and reforms across City government. The Chief of Innovation and Policy Development will be a senior-level position in City government that will identify and implement new technology and policies to improve the quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of municipal services.

“Our residents deserve a City government that solves problems and delivers results,” Mayor Jon Mitchell said. “We can do more for them with the right tools, including proven technologies and up-to-date policies. The world is changing quickly, and the City of New Bedford won’t be left trailing behind.”

The Chief of Innovation and Policy Development will perform three core functions:

Drive improvement in the delivery of municipal services

  • Identify, develop, and implement high-impact innovations and new policies.
  • Manage projects that focus on service and business model innovation.
  • Explore best practices in other cities, facilitate their importation to New Bedford, and pursue and manage grants that support the process.

Build and grow innovation capabilities

  • Identify training needs for employees to ensure the effective utilization of new technologies and policies.
  • Redesign procedures and practices to deliver essential services in a timely and effective manner.
  • Facilitate the use of artificial intelligence applications to expand operational efficiency and problem-solving capabilities.
  • Track and report on innovation metrics and business impact on a regular basis.

Champion innovation

  • Promote a municipal innovation agenda to City employees and stakeholders, and invite their ideas and feedback.
  • Promote the City as a recognized innovation leader among municipalities nationally to build brand and better attract and retain talent.
  • Identify external relationships that may accelerate innovation and its practical implementation through public-private partnerships.

The Chief of Innovation and Policy Development will be a data-driven decision maker with experience in municipal finance and managing staff. Anyone interested in applying can visit