October 2021 through March 2022:  The installation of the permeable reactive barrier (PRB) has been delayed from Fall of 2021 to Spring of 2022.  The equipment to install the PRB will arrive in early spring 2022, targeting an April installation.

From about October 12, 2021 through the end of the month, a dewatering system will be in operation 24/7 to pump impacted material from an excavation the northeast corner of the property to be replaced with clean backfill.  The material is being pumped to a large filter that promotes the separation of solids and sends groundwater to the treatment system.  The filtered solids will be stabilized and disposed off-site.  The southern hydraulic barrier wall installation is complete and the northern hydraulic barrier wall will be completed around the end of October once the material from the northeast corner has been removed and backfilled. The entire site will be prepared for the winter season with materials kept onsite in storage containers, most equipment demobilized, and exposed areas covered with temporary pavement until spring 2022.