Tot Spotter

Tot Spotter The TOT SPOTTER program has been developed to assist firefighters to locate young children quickly during the search of residential occupancies. This program will provide stickers to be placed on the bedroom door of young children.

During search operations fire fighters are crawling along the floor and will be attempting to locate trapped victims. The TOT SPOTTER sticker is placed at the bottom of the door leading to the child’s room. The sticker is also highly reflective to allow fire fighters to locate the room quickly during the search of the building.

The sticker is a valuable tool to be used to quicken the search of buildings with young children. This placement of this new decal will greatly assist fire fighters to locate children’s bedrooms.

Tot SpotterThe TOT SPOTTER sticker is placed:

  • on the outside of the bedroom door
  • facing hall
  • at the bottom of the door
  • hinge side of door (see diagram)


Remove The Label When The Child No Longer Uses The Room.

This new program will be utilized in place of the oval “Tot Finder” window decals. These window decals are not being removed when the child is no longer in that room and therefore fire fighters are searching in the wrong areas of many homes.

To obtain a sticker or for more information contact the New Bedford Fire Prevention Bureau at 508-991-6120.