2020 Census Help Centers

New Bedford’s Census Help Centers are public places well known to the community. They are identified by the NBCounts Logo sign outside or in a window. They have hours posted, take residents by appointment or accept walk-ins on a first come first serve basis.

It is important to have easy-to-get-to and familiar locations available for residents to be able to complete their census survey.
To address this need, New Bedford has multi-lingual Help Centers across the City with computers and trained staff available to assist residents leading up to and during the 2020 Census.

Trained, trusted bilingual messengers will be available to help residents complete their surveys online, on paper, or by phone.

Help Centers have friendly and patient Census trained, bi-lingual staff and volunteers to help people throughout the Census process. Using techniques and guides provided by the US Census Bureau, trained staff will answer questions and troubleshoot as needed.

Help Centers will provide computers for public use, publicize their schedule of Census Services and list of languages spoken.
Help Centers build on existing relationships with individuals, families and communities. Help Center Staff educate residents on the importance of the census and motivate them to participate.  They provide concrete examples of how data collected through the census impacts funding and services for their communities and their children, share community-appropriate messages, supply education materials and provide one-on-one help.  Because of these existing relationships, staff can identify and assist individuals and households with unique needs so that they can easily and fully complete the form.


*Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ALL New Bedford Census Help Centers will be closed to the public until further notice.



Click Here for a list of Help Centers