Sensitive to your concerns and needs!!!!

We would like to take this opportunity to make you aware of some of the many issues the New Bedford Building Department encounters on a daily basis, and how you can help. Being a courteous neighbor, mindful of others and their property, creates the neighborhoods and quality of life we all strive for.

We respond to approximately 2500 complaints and various issues on an annual basis.

Primarily, complaints include abandoned and wrecked vehicles, swimming pools, animals, and fences. Some of these problems and concerns could be alleviated by simply being informed of the City of New Bedford Building Department practices and principles.

How you can help…

  1. Local zoning prohibits the storage of a wrecked or partially dismantled vehicle on your property. You must remove such vehicles from your property as they are a safety concern for children and adults alike. You are allowed to keep one unregistered vehicle on your property. A well-kept appearance helps to maintain real estate values of your home and homes around you.
  2. Home owners who consider installing a pool in their yards should be made aware that there are responsibilities that accompany this project. A Building Permit must be issued and all setback requirements must be met. A four foot fence around the pool or yard, a self closing gate and latch must be in place for the obvious safety of all concerned.
  3. Once a decision has been made to build a shed on your property, please come in for your Building Permit before the shed is built. Local Zoning has required setbacks for all accessory buildings and avoiding problems that may arise in the placement of your shed is of utmost importance. Once again, being a considerate neighbor pays big dividends and creates harmony rather than discord.
  4. Your precious and beloved pet may render you many hours of pleasure and joy, but inconsiderate behavior on the part of the pet owner may contribute to annoying one or more of your neighbors on a daily basis. Please be cognizant of the fact that the Building Department has setback requirements for all animal shelters, kennels and dog runs.
    In conjunction with the City Clerks Office issuing dog licenses, and the City’s Health Department ensuring the cleanliness of the area, the City of New Bedford has ordinances in place to insure the quality of life for you and your neighbors. Owning a pet is a responsibility requiring great devotion and commitment. Please be considerate of others in this regard.
  5. Although the Building Department does not currently issue permits for the installation of fences, there are rules and regulations regarding fencing. We recommend that before installing a fence, you know where your property line is. If you need help in this matter, you must call a professional to survey your land. This will ensure you are not encroaching on your neighbor’s property and will save you needless aggravation and money. Again, be considerate of your neighbor. A poorly planned, or too high a fence may obscure the field of vision of both you and your neighbor while exiting a driveway, or may cause poor lighting or ventilation if placed too close to a neighboring window. Remember, good fences make good neighbors.