Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Bidnet Direct? How can I use it to submit bids?

Bidnet Direct is the electronic bidding platform used by the City of New Bedford. For questions specifically relating to Bidnet and how to use it, please see our Bidnet Direct FAQ.

I am a vendor who would like to do business with the City of New Bedford. How do I go about getting on a preferred vendors list?
Each City department is responsible for procuring their goods and services, with oversight by the Purchasing Department to ensure compliance with Massachusetts procurement laws. The City frequently utilizes state contracts, so becoming a member of a statewide contract is recommended. We also recommend setting up a user account on Commbuys, the state’s free public procurement platform. When the City is looking to procure multiple quotations for a purchase, solicitations are often posted on Commbuys and notices go out to vendors via email if the solicitation is within the realm of their provided good or service. Further, all public bids are posted on Commbuys in accordance with Massachusetts General Law requirements.

Can I obtain a copy of the full bid online?
Yes, bid documents are available online. Please visit our RFPs/ IFBs page at

What bid laws does the City of New Bedford follow?
The City of New Bedford is subject to Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) Chapter 30B for the procurement of goods and services, MGL Chapter 30 § 39M for public works projects, MGL Chapter 149 for public building projects, and Chapter 7C for Design Services for public building projects.

How do I find out about upcoming bids?
All City of New Bedford bids are posted on our website at the above link. We also advertise all sealed bids in the Standard Times newspaper. When required, bids are advertised in the appropriate Massachusetts publications, including the Goods and Servies Bulletin, Central Register, and Commbuys. The Central Register and the Goods and Services Bulletin are available by subscription through the Secretary of State’s Office.

How can I get on a list of bidders for a specific bid?
Send a request by e-mail to Once you are on an interested bidders list, you will be emailed all addenda and updates for that specific project. All documents are also posted publicly on our website.

Can I submit my bid via fax or e-mail?
No, the City of New Bedford does not accept bids via fax or e-mail. All bids must be sealed and clearly labeled and mailed or delivered to the City of New Bedford Purchasing Department for consideration at 133 William Street, Room 208, New Bedford, MA 02740.

Are bid openings public?
Invitations for Bids are open to the public. Most openings are done in the Purchasing Department located on the second floor of City Hall, Room 208. Requests for Proposals are not available for public viewing until evaluations are complete.

How can I check on the results of a bid opening or results of whom the bid was awarded to?
Bid opening results are available on our website at Awarded contract information is also available on our website at

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If you cannot find the information you are looking for on our website, or to submit additional questions, please do not hesitate to email us at