There will not be any Tire Drop-off days this year. The May and October 2020 Tire Drop-off Days that were scheduled have been canceled.

If you have your tires changed, pay the fee to have the old tires recycled. If you already have tires that you need to dispose of, look on the internet for tire recycling businesses. Call local companies to inquire about dropping off tires.

Do not leave uncovered tires outside. It is easy for water to collect in tires. Stagnant water creates a perfect breeding ground for mosquitos. If you place a tarp over tires, pull it taught and check it for standing water frequently. If you make a tire swing, drill holes in the bottom of the tire so that water will drain out. Help keep your family and the local community safe by making sure there is no standing water in your yard.


Contact Information
New Bedford Refuse District Recycling Office
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questions about curbside recycling, drop-off recycling and recycling events