environmental   Community Sanitation Program – Minimal Housing and Lead Paint

The New Bedford  Health Department’s Minimal Housing and Lead Inspectors seek to ensure the safety the occupants of housing and the general public by enforcing Massachusetts Minimum Standard of Fitness for Human Habitation.

 Minimum Housing

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health established Minimum housing standards that must be maintained by owners to protect the health, safety and well-being of their housing occupants.

Massachusetts Minimum Standard of Fitness for Humans Habitation Code


Homes that were built  before 1978 may have lead paint on the inside or outside of the building.  When lead paint peels or cracks it creates paint chips and dust., which may get into a child’s body because they are often on the floor and putting things in their mouths.  Children between the ages of 9 months and 6 years are most at risk.  Lead poisoning can have long term effects on your child.  If you live in houses built before 1987, it is  important to ask your doctor to test your child for lead.

If you are concerned that the paint in your house may be lead, call 508-979-1400 to get your house inspected.

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