marine_lab City of New Bedford Municipal Marine Laboratory

The New Bedford Health Department’s Municipal Laboratory ensures the safety of the city’s water through regular monitoring and testing.


Environmental Testing:
Test Fee
Semi-Public Beach Sample ( 24 hour   entero) $50
Fecal Coliform (MF-mFC) $25
Fecal Coliform (A1, MPN) $30
E. Coli (MF-mTEC) $30
Commercial Total Coliform ( A1 or   LTB) $30
Private Well Total Coliform (mEndo) $30
Municipal Total Coliform ( MF-mEndo) $20
48 Hr   Enterococci ( MF) $20
Swimming Pools ( mEndo, ph,   Total, FreeC12) $50
Individual Water Chemistry Tests   (pH or Dissolved O₂, Turbidity, Total or Free Chlorine, Hardness, or   Alkalinity) $10

Appointments must be made for all private testing.

 The Laboratory is located at:
1000 Rodney French Boulevard
New Bedford, MA 02744