marine_lab City of New Bedford Municipal Marine Laboratory

The New Bedford Health Department’s Municipal Laboratory ensures the safety of the city’s water through regular monitoring and testing.


The city's Health Department tests the water quality of all public swimming beaches in New Bedford at least once a week, following standards set by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Details of the latest test can be found in the Beach Report linked below.

As of August 30, 2023: All New Bedford beaches are OPEN

Water quality tests follow Massachusetts Department of Public Health standards.


The New Bedford Health Department also conducts water testing for regional towns and public and private entities.
Fee Schedule:
Test Fee
Semi-Public Beach Sample ( 24 hour entero) $55
If client brings sample $25
Private Well Total coliform  (MF-mEndo) $35
Municipal Total coliform  (MF-mEndo) $22
Public Beach Sample (MF-MEI;method 1600) $25
Commercial Total coliform  (LTB) $30
Fecal coliform  (MF-mFC) $22
E. coli  (MF-mTEC) $30
Swimming Pools  (mEndo, pH, Total & Free Chlorine) $50
Individual Water Chemistry Tests  (pH,  dissolved O2, Turbidity, Total or Free Chlorine)  per test $10

Appointments must be made for all private testing.

Call 508-991-6283 or email Jane Wurm at:

The Municipal Marine Laboratory can be found at:
1000 Rodney French Boulevard
New Bedford, MA 02744

Call for specific directions and entry access.