Boards and Commissions

Each Division of the Community Services has a board or commission whose role and responsibility aligns with that of the related division. In general, these official groups meet publicly each month to resolve issues and create policies and procedures. They are a platform for citizen participation and input and address the concerns and needs of the community at large. The Human Services boards and commissions are:

Commission For Citizens W/Disabilities Members: (Human Services Division)

  • Cynthia Wallquist, Exec. Director
  • Dennis DeMarinis, Jr., Chair
  • Kimberli Bettencourt, Vice Chair
  • Esperanza Alejandro-Berube, Clerk
  • Marsha F. Fernandes, Treasurer
  • Linda Haskins
  • Audra DePina
  • John Lobo
  • Sylvia Chew
  • Martha Reed


Council on Aging Advisory Board Members:

  • Bruce Duarte, Chairperson
  • Patricia Costa, Vice-Chairperson
  • Nancy Feeney, Secretary
  • Jane Stott
  • Joan Swain
  • Deborah Mimoso
  • Celeine Seraiva
  • Patricia Langis

Meetings are held on the first (1st) Thursday of every month at COA office, 181 Hillman Street, Building #9 at 9:00 A.M


Human Rights Commission Members:

  • Marci Pina-Christian, Executive Director
  • Martin Bentz, Chairperson
  • Deloris Joseph, Vice-Chair
  • Chad Freitas, Secretary
  • Jeff Costa, Member
  • Michael Mello, Member
  • Sidney Murray II, Member

Meetings are held the fourth Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm in Room 120 at City Hall.  If you would like to come before the commission or contact the commission, you can email or call the office at 508-979-1464.

Section 2-130 of the City Code: established 10/26/67.

Consists of nine members, each of whom shall reside or be employed in the City of New Bedford. Commission members shall serve without compensation and shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council for THREE YEAR TERMS.