The City of New Bedford has adopted a new streamlined process by which event organizers may obtain necessary approvals to sponsor special events in the city of New Bedford. Last year, over 100 special events took place at our parks, on the waterfront and on our streets. These special events not only generate important revenues for non profit organizations, but add to the quality of life of all of our citizens.

The number of special events and the city’s participation in these events has risen during the past five years. The new special events policy and application will assist event sponsors in planning their events and obtaining the necessary city approvals. The application for Special Event Permit is available on the city’s web site in an easy to use format. You can pick up an application at the Department of Public Infrastructure located at 1105 Shawmut Avenue.

The application and policy are based on input from all of the city’s departments, boards and agencies that have been involved in special events. The permit process will allow us to continue to assist planners of special events while ensuring that we protect our natural resources and that city resources are expended in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

For more information contact Donna Amado from Department of Public Infrastructure at 508-979-1550 or email.