Rural Cemetery

149 Dartmouth Street
New Bedford, MA 02740
(508) 991-6191

This cemetery was opened in 1837 and comprises approximately one hundred acres of burial grounds. Many notables are interred within, such as:

Charles S. Ashley, former long-time Mayor of the city; Albert Pinkham Ryder, a world prominent artist; Albert Bierstadt, another famous artist; Edward Zettick, a tailor, of whom there is a lifelike monument erected in this cemetery; the founder of Cherry & Webb (now known as Cherry Webb & Touraine) , W. Garrett Cherry.

In this cemetery, we also have a section where Civil War Veterans are interred. Also, two World War #2 Veterans’ Plots and one for the deceased veterans of the Korean Conflict/Vietnam Conflict.

There are still several areas yet to develop this cemetery.