Trees Acceptable for Planting

IN general, all of the following should be of a 2 1/2 to 3 inch caliper:

  • Maple, red or green
  • Flowering pear
  • Oak, such as a pin oak (swamp oaks are not acceptable)
  • Elm

Any other variety of tree would have to be considered on an individual basis, depending on the area where the tree is to be planted.

If a resident interested in purchasing a tree has overhead telephone/power lines on the same side of the street as their property, a flowering pear wold be the best choice to plant because it only attains a mature height of approximately 20-25 feet. If a taller variety of tree is chosen, the property owner should be made aware that utility companies have the right to “V” out a tree to three feet away from the lines.

If underground utilities exist in the area, tree planting may not be feasible.

All areas considered for tree planting should be “dig-safed” prior to purchasing the tree.