Griffin & Point Road Cemetery

Griffin Street Cemetery

The grounds were purchased in 1802 for the purpose of a common burying ground for the use of the then village of New Bedford. The money was raised by voluntary contribution and those who pioneered our city are interred within.

Point Road Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the most southern part of our city on property formerly known as the “Poor Farm”. This cemetery is now surrounded by homes, many of them new within the last twenty years. The “cement-rail” fence that enclosed the cemetery was recently restored and paid for by the Cemetery Department, at a cost of $4,000.

General Information

Approximately 450 burials are made in our four-operating cemeteries, yearly. Of late, more and more people are being cremated. Compared to five or ten per year, we now inter from fifty to sixty cremains yearly. Many of which are shipped directly to our office and interred at our convenience.

We receive hundreds of inquiries each year regarding “geneology”. Many of these requests are by telephone (long-distance) or by correspondence.

Our goal is to have most records on computer, for quicker responses to inquiries and a complete over-all picture of each plot.