Roadwork Schedule

The City of New Bedford has roadwork sites for the upcoming week of

October 25, 2021 – October 29, 2021 and they are as follows:


Eversource will be working on the gas main relays and services at:

  • Retire gas main on Oaklawn St & Lucas St from Brock Ave to W Rodney French Blvd
  • Replacing gas services on Hersom St from Ashley Blvd to Baylies St
  • Relaying gas main on Taber St from West St to Brigham St
  • Relaying gas main on Edward St from Dartmouth St to Field St
  • Relaying gas main on Phillips Rd starting from Birchwood Dr to Hillcrest Dr
  • Working on the regulators on Holly St at Belleville Ave
  • Relaying gas main on Church St at Tarkiln Hill Rd


  • Contractor (PA Landers) will be on Cottage St (Parker St to Sycamore St) for various sidewalk restoration areas. No Parking zone signs will be posted in areas as necessary.
  • Contractor (PA Landers) to continue sidewalk roadway improvements on Weld St from Summer St to Myrtle St
  • Contactor (AGS) will be replacing sidewalk panels at various utility pole locations throughout the city.
  • Contractor (PA Landers) will be repairing various roadway and sidewalks citywide.
  • Contractor (JH Lynch) to continue work at MassDOT Project #608536, intersection improvements at Rockdale Ave X Allen St. Detours during working hours will be required for installation of new drainage throughout the project site. Signage will be posted for detour routes.
  • Contractor (K.R. Rezendes, Inc.) to continue work at MassDOT Project #606718, roadway reconstruction and related work (including traffic signal installation) along a section of Hathaway Rd, Nauset St and Mt Pleasant St.
  • Contractor (PA Landers) to continue work at MassDOT Project #606709 with roadway and sidewalk reconstruction and utility install related work along a section of Kings Highway and Tarkiln Hill Rd.
  • Contractor (BMC Corp.) to continue cleaning all drainage structures located within the Sassaquin Pond catchment area.
  • Contractor (SCR Constructors) will continue site work at the future South Coast Rail station platform locations in the City. (Church St at Carlisle St and Wamsutta St at Acushnet Ave.) Contractor will be performing test pits in Wamsutta St. Street closure from Acushnet Ave to N Front St.  Detour signage and police details will be in place. If you have questions, please email the project team at
  • Due to ongoing construction at the High Hill Reservoir residents may experience discolored water. The water is safe, and the discoloration will be temporary. We recommend allowing the water to settle for a few hours and then flushing your service line by letting the bathtub run for a few minutes until the water runs clear.

Union St. Phase II Sewer Separation Project:

  • Contractor (C. Naughton Corp.) will install service connection to the Union St water main between Sixth St and County St. under the City’s “Union St Phase II Sewer Separation Project”. During working hours, access to Union St will be limited between County St and Sixth St. Westbound traffic on Union St will be detoured via Pleasant St, Elm St and County St.  Eastbound traffic on Union St will be detoured via Spring St and Pleasant St. Construction/detour signage will be posted and police details will be on-site to assist with traffic management

** Please note: Contractors will continue to follow guidelines and protocol regarding COVID-19 social distancing while conducting work in construction zone.