Wastewater Division


Superintendent of Wastewater – James Costa
Assistant Superintendent of Wastewater – David Nieves 
It is the responsibility of the Wastewater Division to
  • administer the Operations and Maintenance service contract of the Water Pollution Control Facility
  • to insure that operations will meet all National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requirements and compliance with Consent Decree objectives
  • to continue implementation of the City’s Industrial Pretreatment Program as a method of source reduction of toxic compounds in the City’s EPA mandated collection system and treatment plant
  • to operate and maintain, with as high a degree of efficiency attainable, the 30 sewage pump stations (incuding those of New Bedford Housing Authority)
  • to maintain approximately three hundred miles of sewer surface drains and all system appurtenances
  • to operate and maintain, in co-operation with the army corps of engineers , all equipment and systems of the New Bedford portion of the Hurricane Protection Barrier
  • to be fully prepared, in cases of emergency, to utilize these facilities and equipment as intended for the protection of life and property
  • to assist in overseeing the construction of new facilities within the collection system such as pumping stations, force mains and gravity sewers
  • to establish an aggressive preventive maintenance program in the collection system that increases capacity and velocities and reduces inflow and infiltration



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