Park Maintenance Division

Justin Ohlson, Superintendent of Park/Forestry

The New Bedford Department of Public Infrastructure – Park Maintenance Division is responsible for keeping the parks, beaches, and other public green spaces of the City clean, safe, and inviting to our residents and visitors. From the sandy shores of Fort Taber to the whispering pines of the Sassaquin area neighborhoods, the Parks Division maintains over 400 acres of publically held land that is open to a multitude of uses and activities. These lands host private gatherings, public events, alone time in nature, and provides habitat for wildlife.
The parks personnel conduct activities ranging from general lawn and land care to playground/ sports equipment maintenance, trash management, beach grooming, plant health care, and historical monument preservation. Our staff are chosen as motivated individuals who recognize the value of our public green spaces and the opportunities they provide to our residents.
Quality park maintenance is enhanced by the engagement of proactive resident and neighborhood groups whom share in the practice and vision of maintaining the beautiful and biologically rich areas of our public green space. We invite you to join in the discussion and application of stewardship by joining a park ‘Friends’ group, organize your own group or even just bring a friend while enjoying your time in our parks.
Please contact the Department of Public Infrastructure with any questions or concerns at 508-979-1550.