forestry_treeWhat we strive to do

The forestry division is a group of committed tree and landscape care personnel that tend to the health and beauty of the green public landscape. The work performed by this division includes, but is not limited to, trimming of healthy trees, removal of dead or diseased trees, planting of new trees and brush clearing along public roadways.

Why Trees?

Urban forestry also known as Arboriculture is in many ways important to the quality of life for our residents. Reasons to support trees near you include:

  • Trees are aesthetically pleasing and often times increase property values of nearby residences
  • By increasing air moisture and natural shade, trees reduce their surroundings temperature caused by sunlight heating our many roads and rooftops which is responsible for our city often times being hotter in summer than surrounding towns
  • When trees breathe, they simultaneously filter out air pollutants such as car exhaust making for cleaner city air
  • During heavy rain events, trees catch and retain much of the rain even before it hits the ground which helps to keep our drainage systems operating efficiently
  • As part of our larger ecosystems, tree provide food and shelter for wildlife and maintain genetic diversity for future tree population security
  • It has also been scientifically recognized that there is a strong connection with the more trees a neighborhood has, the lower its crime rates….the reason for that is disputed but up to you to consider!

What you can do to support your city trees

  • Avoid walking, driving or parking on soil (especially when wet)
  • Report tree health issues to city officials
  • Join or volunteer for one of the following tree/ community advocacy groups

Adopt a Tree Program

Tree City New Bedford

Friends of Buttonwood Park

New Bedford Preservation Society/ Re-Leaf Program

Arbor Day Foundation

Note: If a street tree is to be trimmed, we put out temporary “No Parking Signs” the day prior, if you see these please park elsewhere for the safety of your vehicle and property, thank you